CustomSLR Amazing Customer Service

For the last year, my camera strap of choice was the CustomSLR Split Strap + C-Loop. This camera strap solution was ideal for me because it was more comfortable than the BlackRapid strap and safer for the body of my Canon 5D Mark II than BlackRapid. CustomSLR claims that the comfort of the CustomSLR Split Strap comes from being split into two padded straps that conform better to shape of my shoulder. In my experience, I found the Split Strap to provide more comfort simply because it has a much wider padded strap than the BlackRapid RS-7. CustomSLR Split Strap + C-Loop also seemed safer for my camera body. The BlackRapid RS-7 would frequently bounce against the metal carribeaner and lead to wear near the tripod connection to the camera body.

However, after less than one year, the Split Strap tore apart at the V split in the padded shoulder section. Also, the Glide Strap was getting frazzled to the point that the camera could no longer glide very smoothly up the strap. I’m sure that I am pretty tough on my gear, but I still expect my gear to last the abuse that I give it. A quick email to CustomSLR support and I was able to reach a human! Anne Bui of CustomSLR immediately replied saying that the split strap has been improved in the year to specifically address the tearing I witnessed and offered to replace my split strap if I payed for the shipping!


Here is my new strap next to my old strap. Sure enough, they have improved the Split Strap by stitching the strap’s split divider. What great customer support! I look forward to ordering another Glide Strap + C-Loop and rigging a dual strap solution for myself the next time I’m at a wedding. Aslo, I look forward to the M-mount solution for universal tripod usage as soon as they release it.

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